Specialty Cocktails

Robinson (Pineapple) Martini 9.75

Named after Hawaii’s Forbidden Island, this martini contains all Hawaiian components. Finished with a grilled pineapple and Li Hing Mui Powder

Lychee Sake 9.75

Sobieski Vodka, sake, lychee juice, splash of cranberry juice, finished with whole lychee

White Ginger Cosmo 9.75

Skyy Ginger Vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice white cranberry juice, finished with candied ginger

Mango Margi 8.75

Shaken blend of mango puree, Sauza Tequila, orange liqueur, and our house made sweet n’ sour, on the rocks with salt

Rossy Boy Mai Tai 9.50

Our version packs a punch just like the local boy it’s named after. Cruzan White and Cruzan Gold Rum mixed with da Hapa Mai Tai mix, and topped with La Haina Dark, Easy Kolohe!

Aunty Chris’s Banana Cabana 8

The cocktail of choice for Hapa J’s official Aunty! Malibu Coconut Rum, Banana Liqueur, tropical mix, and a float of La Haina Dark Rum, on the rocks

Blue Hawaii 8

Malibu Rum, Sobieski Vodka, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, shaken over ice

Gravedigger 9

Malibu Coconut Rum mixed with melon liqueur, pineapple juice and topped with butterscotch rum, au ryte!

Li Hing Mui Margi 8.75

Sauza Gold, orange liqueur, Li Hing Mui Powder, homemade sweet n sour, shaken on the rocks with li hing mui rim and a lime wedge

Dark N Stormy 8

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Bermuda Ginger Beer and a lime wedge, over ice. Drink of Bermuda!

Painkiller 9.5

Made infamous by the Soggy Dollar Bar in the Virgin Islands. We use Pusser’s Navy Rum with the classic tropical recipe, served in a plastic cup, garnished with shaved nutmeg

Haole J’s Refreshing Beverage 8

Absolut Mandarin, orange liqueur, fresh limejuice, lemon-lime soda, garnished with an orange wedge. The drink of choice for Haole’s cooling down in Waianae!

Zombie 12

The Hapa barfrienders take on the original recipe!!

Thai Mary 8

Sobieski Vodka, Our Bloody Mary Mix with Sriracha, garnished with jalapeno stuffed olive

Beer & Beverages

On Tap

Primo Lager, Hawaii 5.50
St. Archer IPA, San Diego 6.50
Palm Amber Ale, Belgium 5.75
Kona Brewing Co. Fire Rock
Pale Ale, Hawaii 5.75
North Coast “Pranqster”, Belgian
Golden Ale 7.6% abv 5.75
Abita “Turbodog” Dark Brown Ale,
New Orleans 6.50
North Coast “Old Rasputin”, Russian
Imperial Stout 9% abv 6.75

Bottled Lagers

Asahi Super Dry 22oz., Japan 5.75
Hinano 16.9oz., Tahiti 5.75
Red Stripe, Jamaica 4.50
Maui Brewing Co: Bikini Blonde lager, Hawaii 4.75
Kona Brewing Co: Longboard lager, Hawaii 4.75

Light Bodied Ales

Lindemans Peach, Belgium 7.75
Fat Tire Ale, Ft. Collins 4.75

Medium Bodied Ales

Maui Brewing Co: Big Swell IPA, Hawaii 4.75

Full Bodied Ales

Rogue Hazelnut Brown 22oz., Oregon 10.00
Maui Brewing co. Coconut Porter, Hawaii 6.25

Spring Break Beers

Michelob Ultra 4.25
Modelo Especial 4.25
Coors Light 4.25
Heineken 4.25
Easy Hawaiian, try a Primo!
St. Pauli (n/a) 4.25

Bottled Soda’sWaialua (Imported from the North Shore of Oahu)

Root Beer
Vanilla Cream
Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)
Bermuda Ginger Beer

Diet Coke
Ginger ale
Sierra Mist
Club Soda
**.50 for refill**

Other Drinks
Free Refills

Iced Tea 2.75
Plantation Iced Tea 3.50
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 3.50
Strawberry Lemonade 3.75
Uncle Justin’s Fruit Punch 3.50
Levi Blu’s Sprunch (Sprite + Fruit Punch) $3.75

JuicesFree Refills 3.00

White Cranberry
Bottled Water
Fiji Still (500ml) 3.75
Sparkling San Pellegrino (250ml) 2.75


Bubbles (Glass/Bottle)

001 J Roget, California, N/V 6/22

Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Mimosa 5.5

Sweet,  Aromatic & Crisp Whites

012 Pineapple Wine, “Maui Splash”, Tedesczhi Vineyards, Hawaii N/V 7.75/28

019 Pinot Grigio, “Lumina” Ruffino, Italy 2009 7.75/28

021 Sauvignon Blanc, Brancott Estate, Marlborough, NZ. 2013 8.75/30

Powerful Whites

030 Chardonnay, La Terre, California NV 7.50/26

032 Chardonnay, “Unoaked” Kim Crawford, Marlborough, NZ. 2008 9.50/36

031 Chardonnay, “Grand Reserve”Villa Mt. Eden, Santa Maria Valley 2006 10/38

Light & Earthy Reds (Glass/Bottle)

041 Pinot Noir, Matua Valley, Marlborough, NZ. 2009 7.75/28

045 Malbec, Trivento, Argentina 2010 7.75/28

054 Zinfandel, “Cardinal”, Big House, California 2010 9.50/36

Powerful Reds

060 Merlot, “Casillero del Diablo” Concha y Toro, Chile 2010 7.75/28

063 Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Olas, Sonoma County, 2009 7.75/28

070 Meritage, “Syrah Cab” Rebel Coast, Napa Valley, N/V 11/39

Sake (Rice Wine)

Gekkeikan “Hot” Sake Carafe: 9OZ. 5.75

Gekkeikan Nigori “Unfiltered” Bottle: 330ML 13.75

Pupus (Starters)

Ahi Poke Trio market price

Three varieties of Poke; Spicy tobiko, Shoyu, and Sesame
**Sesame Ahi Poke and Spicy Poke are available by the . lb also market price**

Crispy Coconut Shrimp 12.75

4 pieces of our house made coconut shrimp over chipotle coleslaw served with a mango sweet and sour sauce

Kalua Pig Quesadillas 11.75

Hawaiian style pulled pork stuffed into flour tortillas with a 3 cheese blend, drizzled with an avocado sour cream sauce, and chipotle aioli

Seared Ahi Appetizer market price

Ahi, seared with togarashi seasoning, garnished with seaweed salad, cream cheese slices, shoyu style onion, and unagi sauce

Spicy Miso Tako (Octopus) Poke 10.75

Sliced Madako octopus marinated in Vietnamese chili paste and white miso

Cripsy Pot Stickers 9.75

Pork stuffed wontons fried and glazed with our secret sauce served over a chipotle coleslaw

Hapa Sliders 10.75

2 different styles available: both served in quantities of three and all are served on King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls. Bar Burgers with cheese, grilled onions, and BBQ sauce, served with fries OR Kalua Pig sliders with grilled onions and BBQ sauce, served with Hawaiian mac salad

Makaha Street Tacos 12.75

Three corn tortillas served with seared sesame poke, and fresh cilantro, drizzled with chipotle aioli and avocado sour cream sauce served with a side of black bean salsa over a chipotle coleslaw

Local Boy Platter $5.75

Spam Musubi paired with sliced
Portuguese sausage
**Upgrade to Tempura Musubi for $1.75**

Spicy Asian style Chicken Wings 9.75

Crispy wings tossed in a sweet n’ spicy sauce serverd over a chipotle coleslaw

Hapa Fries 6.75

The “All-American” french fry tossed in yukari seasoning, partnered with three dipping sauces !!Man Style for $8 more!!

Hapa Nachos 9.75

House made tortilla chips, cheddar jack cheese, drizzled with an avocado sour cream sauce, chipotle aioli, and mild black bean salsa with the option of adding kalua pig, grilled chicken breast, or ground beef for an additional cost

Hummus Dip 9.75

House made hummus infused with Boursin cheese, served with pita bread and Maui onion flavored kettle chips

Pocho Doggs 11.75

2 Portugese Sausages boiled in Primo Hawaiian Lager, served on a Hawaiian sweet hot dog bun, garnished with diced jalapenos, garlic aioli, asian mustard, sauteed onions, and furikake, served with Maui style kettle chips

Pineapple/Portuguese Sausage Fried Rice 10.75

Old school recipe, highlighted by island favorite Portuguese sausage, onion, & celery

Chicken yakisoba 13.75

Yakisoba noodles stir fried with assorted mixed vegetables, marinated chicken breast, then finished with green onions and cilantro. Can also be served with tofu

Mac Nut Mac n’ Cheese 7.75

Homemade mac n’ cheese mixed with chopped mac nuts, bacon, truffle oil, garnished with furikake

Dr. Valverde’s Island Style Pizza 8.75

Oven roasted, diced chicken breast & pineapple, jack/ cheddar cheese, red onion, bbq sauce, atop pita


(Available all day and night Wed. thru Mon)

Maui Onion Soup 7.75

Our take on the French Onion, but using sweet Maui Onion. Our three cheese gratin contains gruyere, parmesan, and swiss.

Blue Cheese Salad 9.75

Mixed greens and romaine finished with creamy gorgonzola dressing, bacon, and truffled grape tomatoes

Hapa J’s Country Salad 9.50

Mixed greens, spiced corn, red onion, roasted red peppers, seasonal berries, and chopped mac nuts tossed with papaya seed dressing. Add seared ahi for only $4

Seared Ahi Poke Salad 12.75

Mixed mesculan greens, wonton chips, seared ahi poke, finished with a yuzu (Japanese citrus) vinaigrette

Thai Beef Salad 11.75

Thai marinated steak and mixed greens highlighted with roasted peanuts, red bell pepper, red onion, mint and toasted pita

Asian Chicken Salad 11.75

Chopped baby romaine lettuce, sliced chicken breast, wonton chips, mandarin oranges, garnished with green onions and black sesame vinaigrette’


Served with your choice of brown rice, white rice, mixed greens, french fries, Maui onion chips, or mac salad

Classic Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger 11.75

Homemade patty cooked medium to medium well, on a toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet bun topped with lettuce, tomato, a delectable teriyaki sauce, sautéed onions, and grilled pineapple

Deluxe Burger 11.75

Homemade patty cooked medium to medium well, on a toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet bun topped with American cheese and sautéed onions drizzled with 1000 island. Served with a side of lettuce and tomato

Uncle Roberto’s Short Rib Torta 13.75

Kalbi Ribs deboned and simmered in secret sauce, with melted swiss cheese, avocado, mixed greens, red bell pepper, and red onion on a toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet bun. Served with a side of garlic aioli.

Uncle Miguel’s Albacore Melt w/ Avocado 11.75

Fresh Albacore Tuna grounded and cooked with simple seasonings, mayonnaise, and oil. Spread over a sourdough baguette with melted Swiss cheese and avocado.

Chicken Jalapeño with Swiss cheese 9.75

Sliced chicken breast topped with melted Swiss cheese and jalapenos, on a toasted King’s Hawaiian sweet bun

Thor’s Ahi Sandwich Mkt Priced

5.5oz Ahi loin steak seasoned with seven spiced Japanese rub seared rare, garnished jalapeno pickle relish & chipotle infused cabbage, served on a toasted Hawaiian sweet bun

Coconut Shrimp Po Boy 12.75

Two pieces of hand breaded coconut shrimp served on a french baguette, garnished with chipotle coleslaw, jalapeno pickled relish & sliced avocado

Hawaiian Plates

“Bowl” Pricing Available ALL Day Monday and 11-4 Wednesaday-Sunday.

Garlic Steak 13.75

Flank Steak, sautéed mushrooms and onions with crushed garlic, scampi seasoning and white wine.

Mixed Plate 14.75

Shoyu Chicken, Chicken Katsu, and 2 Kalbi Beef Short Ribs.
OR upgrade to Da Big Mixed Plate 16.75
OR Da Biggest Mixed Plate for 19.99

Shrimp Truck Special Market Priced

Our tribute to the famous shrimp trucks on the North Shore. Six shrimp sautéed with crushed garlic, scampi seasoning, and white wine

Grilled Kalbi Short Ribs 13.75

Three Korean-style grilled short ribs served with Kim Chee

Vietnamese Style “Shaken” Beef 11.75 / 6.25 bowl

A savory beef stir fry with soy sauce, onions, bell peppers, and black beans

Chicken Katsu 10.75 / 5.99 bowl

Flattened chicken thigh, breaded in panko and fried, served with our secret Katsu sauce

The “Loco Moco” 10.75 / 6.99 mini

A Hawaiian favorite, a grilled hamburger patty and eggs “over easy” smothered in brown gravy.

TuTu’s Pork Plate 10.75 / 6.99 bowl

Kalua Pig and Cabbage, with a side of BBQ sauce

Teriyaki Beef 11.75 / 7.99 bowl

Flank steak teriyaki style

Shoyu Chicken 10.75 / 6.99 bowl

Skin on chicken thigh simmered in cloves, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and secret seasonings

Shaken Tofu 9.75 / 5.99 bowl

A savory tofu stir fry with soy sauce, onions, bell peppers, and black beans

Spicy Poke Bowl Market Priced

Sashimi grade ahi, cube cut and mixed with our sesame seasoning, drizzled with our spicy aioli sauce

Spicy Tako Poke Bowl 6.99

Quarter pound of sliced Madako octopus marinated in Vietnamese chili paste and white miso

Weekend Specials

(Available from 5pm on Friday till Sunday night)

Luau Plate $11.75

Kalua Pig, Pickled Mango, Coconut Haupia, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Rice, Mac Salad

Hawaiian Beef Stew Moco 10.75/ 6.99 bowl

Our Hawaiian Beef Stew Recipe over Rice topped with Sunnyside Egg Cup of Beef Stew: $4.50

Island Happy Hour:

3:00-6:30pm (Wednesday thru Monday)
**$2 off Pupu’s, $3 Drafts, $3 off glasses of wine, & $2 off Mai Tai’s**

Taco Tuseday

Join us for our hawaiian style taco night with hand made tortillas

Sunday Brewday

All Day & All Night Sunday (11:00am to 9:00pm)
$3 Drafts, $2 off Hawaiian Bottled Brews, $1 off all other Beers

Small Kine Sides

  • Rice (white or brown) 1.25
  • Portugese Sausage Fried Rice 1.75
  • Hawaiian Mac salad 2
  • Fries 2.50
  • Kim Chee 3.75
  • Seaweed Salad 4
  • Mixed Greens with
  • Yuzu Vinaigrette 2.25
  • Stir Fry Vegetables 5.75
  • Chipotle Coleslaw 3.75



Hawaiian Style Bread Pudding 8.75

King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bead infused with white chocolate

Madam Pele’s Chocolate Lava Cake 9.75

Chocolate Cake with Molten Hot Center, served with seasonal berries and lilikoi mascapone

Frozen Treats 4.75

Vanilla Bean or Plum Wine,

Peanut Butta Cup 2.75

Reece’s Cup garnished with Lilliquoi Mascarpone & Mac Nuts

20% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more


Need Some Help with Your Next Party?

Call or email to ask more about our offsite catering, we do both drop of and pick up! Our incredible staff and excellent food could be the perfect touch to add a little aloha to your party!!


Download our catering trays list here.


The idea behind Hapa J’s was created over a few lukewarm Mooseheads in the employee parking lot of a hotel in Waikiki. It came from the love of Hawaiian food, not just the traditional Hawaiian style, but everything from the local Asian cuisines and ranging anywhere from the upscale to the hole in the wall kine. Whether you’re getting Pipi Kaula from Highway Inn, poke by the pound at Foodland, the Fried Noodle Special at Tamura’s or something beautiful from Uncles Alan, Roy, or Sam, we love it all.

Since there was never one spot where we could get all of these different selections and sometimes these eateries have a unique and specific feel where only certain individuals tend to go, we wanted Hapa J’s to be wel-coming to everyone. Whether you’re one moke, a haole, townie, tourist, an Aunty or Uncle. You can have one Spam Musubi and a Primo if you just cruising or a seared Ahi with Sauvignon Blanc if you stay out on one date.

Hapa J’s is now going into our fourth year of business and we have decided to focus on some comfort food classics with a little Pacific Rim influence. New items like the Macadamia Nut Mac & Cheese, Short Rib Torta, & Country Salad echo that comfort inspiration. Due to high demand we now offer our Hawaiian plate lunch all night as well.

If you have dined with us before & our looking for something a little extra maybe more on the VIP side of things try to find the secret menu items. Look outside of the box! Don’t forget to put down the green bottles once in awhile & sip on one of our specialty cocktails handcrafted by Dan “Odelay” Villareal who hails from the 9th island of Hawaii.

The actual Hapa J was born 11/16/05 at Kapiolani Hospital on the Island of Oahu. His name is Jaedon (that’s where the J comes from) and he’s got choke ethnicities as he is Irish, Filipino, Hawaiian, Okinawan, & German (that’s where the HAPA comes from). From our Ohana to yours, thanks for cruising in & go on island time for a little, it feels good, Much Aloha…. da

Hapa J’s Crew…..shoots!